when my family and I moved to McKinney, there were 35,000 people. I knew that McKinney would grow. Today, as I run for city council, there are over 200,000 people I still absolutely know that we are going to grow. In my work on the McKinney Economic Development board, we developed a policy of no longer trying to attract jobs in sectors that paid wages that can’t afford a house in McKinney. We focused on key industries. Among those were tech, innovation, aviation, and corporate headquarters. We realize that manufacturing and service is going to continue to come to McKinney even if we don’t incent it.

It is important to attract people and companies that will plant roots and be involved in McKinney. We want people to be able to live and work here. We made progress on helping to increase the percent of property taxes paid by businesses as opposed to residential. I will do all that I can to continue to advance McKinney growing in a smart way. I was fortunate that I moved my business to McKinney in 1998 and was able to raise our daughters here while working here. I want that for other moms and dads.

Cooperation & working together

I graduated Leadership Mckinney in 2013. It became very important to me to make connections with those east of highway 5. Prayers were answered when in 2016 I met Jason Hernandez. Jason had recently had his lifetime plus 320 year prison sentence for nonviolent drug distribution commuted by President Obama. We found common ground immediately. I’m a white conservative businessman and Jason grew up very differently. In 5+ years Jason and I have made a great deal of progress in developing a lot of great relationships and we have accomplished a lot of good.

Working together with someone with political and cultural differences is a force multiplier. I’ve been part of it and I’ve seen it. I’ll continue to advance McKinney by working with a diverse group of people and recognizing that God gives each of us strengths. We will continue to use the strengths of all of us willing to serve to make McKinney the best it can be.


McKinney’s police and fire are recognized as top departments. We are a destination city for sworn public servants. Many cities have made very poor and troubling decisions in not supporting police and reducing police force. Recruiting for police officers is down nationally. Cities will be working hard to compete for the top officers.

We will keep our police departments well-funded, well equipped, and well supported. McKinney will continue to be a city recognized for safety. I believe that this will be a critically important consideration when great companies decide where they want to be based.


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